Happy people

happy people
Happy people
“Come to think of it we are all killers or accomplices. Even those people who are kind-hearted and tend to pity everything. Why? It’s very simple. A farmer keeps a pig but he knows in advance what he keeps it for. In order to kill it and to eat it or sell its meat. And even the person who is sorry about all this buys the pork from him. An the trapper is the same as the pig farmer only he is- how would you say it- more honest. I used to raise cattle, and I could never bring myself to slaughter them. Because there is, say, a bull. You raise him for two years. It comes to you expecting you show affection or give it some treat. In the Taiga, the wild animal know that no good can come from me, from a man. He tries to escape. Here, its about who outsmarts whom.”

Vean Happy People de Werner Herzog.


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